Antigua is unlike any other place in the world, with  its beautiful cobblestoned streets, colorful colonial homes and imposing volcanoes setting the stage for a town that seems to be forgotten by time, and yet buzzling with activity and excitement.  With its remarkable charm, it’s a place you will fall in love with as soon as you arrive.
What to do:
Wandering around.  The beauty of Antigua is that it’s filled with hidden gems you wont find in any guidebook, so it’s best to just get lost in it’s streets and find endless cafés, boutiques, markets and restaurants, there is never shortage of new things to see just by walking the streets.
Ruins and Churches:
Antigua Guatemala dates back to the 1500s, when it was founded as the capital of Guatemala, it was later partially destroyed by the Santa Marta earthquakes which meat the capital was moved to current Guatemala City.  However, Antigua always remained Guatemala´s heart, and its old churches, convents and ruins have been preserved since then  making a statement in every corner you turn, go ahead and explore them, it’s an experience unlike any other.
Markets and Shopping:
Antigua Guatemala is known for its colourful Mayan culture and fascinating history, making for fantastic souvenirs. Whether you’re looking for bright textiles to take home, authentic wooden sculptures, beautiful jade jewellery or unique local art, you’ll have your pick.
Restaurants and bars:
Many are surprised to find out the sheer abundance of restaurants and bars is our little town, not only are there great local food options that range from street food to upscale restaurantes inspired in mayan traditions, but given the large expat community there is pretty much any time of international cuisine available just a short walk, and don’t be fooled by Antigua’s quaint cobbled streets: this colonial town has a buzzing nightlife and some of the best bars in the country. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a civilised glass of wine or want to party the night away, Antigua’s got you covered.